QMA Records
QMA Men's Records as at 30 September 2021
QMA Women's Records as at 30 September 2021




Australian and World Records

AUSTRALIAN AND WORLD records are listed on the Australian Masters Athletics website. CLICK HERE  (September 2019)

AMA CHAMPIONSHIP records are listed on the AMA website. CLICK HERE      (May 2019) 

Application forms for Australian or World records can be downloaded from the AMA website. CLICK HERE

Other Records and Rankings


Oceania Masters records can only be set at Oceania Championships, held every two years. Information. 

Oceania Records as at September 2019. CLICK HERE (New records shown in red.)


Numerous Rankings websites exist.
For Masters Rankings up to 2012, the US Masters Athletics site is comprehensive for Track and Field rankings. 

CLICK HERE to check these rankings.

For Masters Rankings from 2013 onwards, this site: has a very comprehensive listing of both track and field events, both indoor and outdoor, and out-of-stadia. 

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