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Competition Fees: $12.00

50th Anniversary Lunch Registration


30th September, 1st and 2nd October SAF


AMA Winter Throws Championships

Entries Close on 10th September


Saturday:  Throws pentathlon plus 56lb and 100lb

Sunday: Individual throws and weight for distance

Monday: Heavy Weight Throws Pentathlon plus super weight

9.00am to 4.00pm daily

Note: Sunday training sessions at QSAC cancelled.

7th October 2023         SAF      Saturday


8.00    3000m              Run / Race Walk

            High Jump        All

            Shot Put           Women Northern End  

            Hammer           Men      Southern Cage 


8.30     60m


9.00     100m               

            Pole Vault         All       

            Hammer           Women Southern Cage            

            Discus              Men      Northern  Cage                         


9.30     400m   


9.45     Long Jump

            Triple Jump


9.55     1000m steeplechase


10.10  1500m              Run / Race Walk

            Discus              Women Northern  Cage

            Shot Put           Men      Northern End   


10.25  200m


21st October 2023 Saturday Venue SAF 

50th Anniversary Celebrations

Events marked ** were held at the first competition 50 years ago


8.00    3000m              Run / Race Walk

            Discus              M30+    Northern Cage

            Shot Put **        W30+ Northern End

            High Jump        All


8.15    Sprint Hurdles   60m with 5 hurdles


8.30    60m


8.45    Pole Vault


8.55    200m


9.00    Discus              W30+   Northern Cage

           Hammer           M30+    Southern Cage


9.30    100m**                                                                                                             


9.40    800m **            Run


9.50    800m**              Race Walk                                                                               

           Long Jump**     All


10.00  Hammer           W30+ Southern Cage

            Shot Put **        M30+ Northern Cage                                                                                                   

10.15  400m


10.30  4 x 100m          

2023-24 Summer Program to December
Mens Throws Pentath 3.jpg

AMA Winter Throws Championships

The AMA Winter Throws Championships are being held 30th September, 1st and 2nd October. Entries have now opened online and the website is below. A  Social Function will be held at the track (upstairs room within the grandstand) on the Saturday afternoon on completion of competition. This is at a subsidised cost to athletes to encourage all to attend. Food is included but attendees will need to buy their own drinks.


This year QMA have joined forces with Team Elite to provide a range of merchandise including shirts, singlets and caps. Team Elite provided the merchandise when the AMA  Championships were held in Brisbane in 2022. The merchandise website is below. Have a look as there are some great colours.


 Queensland Masters Athletics would love to have you participate, either as an entrant or as one of the many volunteer helpers needed. The great thing about the Winter Throws is that it is all about participation and enjoying the camaraderie of the event.  If you find that injury precludes you from participating then please put your name forward to be a volunteer. If you are not usually involved with throwing events then this is a great way to help and get to a close up view of throwers in action. Email if you can assist even if for one day.


The Program:

Saturday:  Throws pentathlon plus 56lb and 100lb

Sunday: Individual throws and weight for distance

Monday: Heavy Weight Throws Pentathlon plus super weight.

9.00am to 4.00pm daily


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