Life Membership

Life Membership is an honour bestowed by QMA on individual club members who have demonstrated exceptional service and contribution to Master’s Athletics providing measurable benefit to the club over an extended period of time.

Honorary Life Membership is recognized by the Queensland Masters Athletics Association as the highest recognition that can be awarded to a member; it should retain its prestige and not be awarded lightly.

Current Life Members 

as at June  2019

15/03/1981     JACK COOK* 

23/05/1982     MERV JENKINSON* 


14/05/1986     DES FRAWLEY* 

03/05/1989     HEATHER DOHERTY

03/05/1989     COLIN STUBBINGS

24/06/1995     WALLY STUBBINGS* 


15/06/1997     TOM HISHON* 

20/06/1999     BERNIE HOGAN*   


20/06/1999     JUDY COOPER

27/05/2001     STAN PERKINS

14/06/2014     WILMA PERKINS

14/06/2014     HUGH COOGAN

26/06/2019     COL BUYERS

                          DON QUINN

* denotes Deceased

Photo's to come