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Membership 2023-24


The QMA membership year for members in the southern part of Queensland (that is – south of a line through Rockhampton) starts on October 1st each year until

September 30th the following year.

2023-24 Membership Information

Join QMA Here

New Members  (This includes previous QMA members who did not register for the



QMA members renewing from any year since 2019 - click on RETURNING MEMBER


All memberships will need to be done on-line – you will not be able to download a membership form or collect one at the track.

If you do not have a computer or someone who can assist you with your on-line membership, we will make a special arrangement for you.
Please contact the Registrar at 


1. QMA Membership/QA Base membership                                           $65

2. QMA Discount Membership/QA Base Membership                          $55
    QMA Discount Membership is available to members who either
    - Hold a valid Government Concession Card (You may be asked to show it)
     - Belong to another QA Affiliated Club
     - Are the parent of a member of Little Athletics Qld.

3. QMA Life Members who intend to compete at QMA meets             $12

4. QMA Membership/QA Gold membership                                            $175  See NOTE below

5. QMA Membership/QA Platinum membership                                    $285 See NOTE below

6. Officials, Coaches and Volunteers (not competing)                            $0
If you are an official, coach or volunteer in any capacity with QMA and are not intending to compete, you will need to register (no cost) to ensure Accident Insurance cover. 

Members who register for Options 1 - 5  above are eligible to compete at all QMA competitions, QMA State Championships, AMA National Championships and International Masters Championships (World Championships if over 35).
These members are also eligible to compete at QA competitions and Championships including Cross Country and other out of stadia events. 

NOTE re PLATINUM and GOLD QA memberships : QA Gold and Platinum Memberships are a good option for athletes likely to compete in a number of QA events. For details of benefits check the QA website.
These options will NOT appear on the drop-down menu when you register - If you wish to register with one of these options, register as a QA Base level member and email the registrar to request an upgrade.





The Athletics North Queensland membership year starts on 1 April each year.

If you live in the ANQ region (north of the Tropic of Capricorn running through Rockhampton) you must register with ANQ.

Please read the Membership Information on the ANQ website  HERE.

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