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President             Bruce Bodsworth    

Vice President    Matthew Teale                                              
Secretary             Roslyn Kirwin           
Treasurer             Lisa Chapman                 

Team Members

Committee           Heidi Storer                

Committee           Lorraine Birtwell

Committee           Joseph Begley

Committee           Robert Lasker

Regional Representatives

Brisbane              Irene Davey                    
Gold Coast           Chris Brack                  0497 708595
North Qld            Andrew Ford   

Miscellaneous Roles

Registrar              Heidi Storer            

Statistician          Jim Quabba            

Webmaster          Robert Lasker        

Uniforms              Kelly Gurski                      Email Uniform Coordinator

Out of Stadia       Peta Dunne (Cross Country)    Email Cross Country Coordinator

                                Kyoko Miura (Road Running)   Email Road Running Coordinator

Member Protection Officers

Queensland Masters Athletics Association Inc. (QMA) is committed to providing an environment where competition and other activities are free of discrimination or harassment in any form.


To this end we have appointed several experienced members to handle issues which may arise.


Should the actions of any member or official of QMA cause you concern please contact one of the people below in the first instance:
Don Quinn        
Wilma Perkins 
Lorraine Birtwell


The 2022 Annual General Meeting of Queensland Masters Athletics Association Incorporated was held on

Saturday 6 August 2022.

Business conducted at the Meeting:

Reports including the Association's financial statement and audit report were accepted.

Election of Officers and members of Management Committee were held and members appointed as follows:

  • President           Bruce Bodsworth

  • Vice President   Matthew Teale

  • Secretary            Roslyn Kirwin

  • Treasurer            Lisa Chapman

  • Members            Lorraine Birtwell, Heidi Storer, Joe Begley, Rob Lasker


QMA fees for ordinary members for the 2022-2023 season have been approved to remain at the present amount ($53) but the final fee payable will be dependent on the QA Base membership fee.


The new QMA Constitution has yet to be approved by the Office of Fair Trading despite repeated follow up.



  For more information on any of the above, please contact: 

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