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Brisbane Region

The Brisbane region includes the Greater Brisbane area from Redcliffe in the north to Logan in the south and west roughly to Toowoomba and Dalby. 

Competition is currently being held on the State Athletics Facility Track at QSAC which is part of the Queensland Sport and Athletics Complex (QSAC) on Kessels Road at Nathan. This is also known as the QE2 sports facility.


The following Members were elected to the Brisbane Region Council at the Annual Meeting held on the 25th May 2019.

Chairperson                                                                Vacant
Secretary                                                                     Vacant
Treasurer                                                                     Rod Walke
Venue & Program Manager                                      Irene Davey and Wilma Perkins

Competition Manager                                               Stan Perkins

Equipment Manager                                                  Vacant
Competition Set-Up Manager                                  Col Buyers
Roster Co-ordinator                                                   Vacant
Representative QMA Management Committee    Rod Walke
Clubhouse Manager                                                   Marj Burley 


Chairperson                                                                vacant

Secretary                                                                      vacant


Treasurer                                                                      Rod Walke         
Information Officer

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