Volunteering is Fun !

Queensland Masters Athletics is a member-run organization, and as such relies on the contributions of all its members to ensure continuing and successful operation.

You may have time for a regular commitment on the management team of your region or the state body, or the interest to become a trained official, or simply a desire to help out occasionally at track meets.


Whatever you choose to be involved in, your contribution is greatly valued and will go a long way to improving the Masters Athletics experience for all.

In Brisbane, and no doubt other regions also, members are requested to make a minimal commitment to assist in the running of track competition once per season.

Of course many athletes assist in running their own events, but the more volunteers who are available to relieve this burden, the better the competitors can focus on their own performance.

And it's not only the competitors who benefit - volunteering at track increases your understanding of how the events are run, and improves your knowledge of the rules governing the conduct of your events. No longer will you shout "Why the heck was that a foul ?" ! And maybe you want to delve more deeply into officiating - see here for more details on the pathway to becoming an accredited official:


Go on, get involved, make a difference!