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For QMA Brisbane competitions, current QMA members may register on-line.

New members may enter at the track before competition.

Current members may also enter at the track. Track fee $10.​​

QMA competitions will be held in accordance with our COVID SAFE PLAN.
Please read your responsibilities before, during and after competition under this plan HERE

Register Here for 23 January 2021 event
Registration OPEN 06:00am 18 January 2021 - Registration closes 8:00pm, 21st January

Key additional requirements that relate to athletics activity are:

 You must carry a mask with you at all times when outside of your home.

  • You must wear a mask in indoor spaces other than your home (examples: clubhouses, toilets, officials’ room)

  • You do not need to wear a mask while exercising or competing on the field of play.

  • In outdoor spaces you should socially distance at all times and if that is not possible wear a mask

  • Children under 12 are not required to wear a mask.

QMA Members entering on the day, visitors intending to compete, officials, volunteers, and spectators MUST REGISTER ON-LINE  prior to competition OR scan the QR Code at the entrance gate to the SAF track.

Athletes competing then proceed to fill out entry forms and pay entry fee($10.00) at least 30 minutes before event start time.



QMA Pentathlon Championships - Men and Women

Entries close at 7.30am

 8.00am      100m W30+ Pent

                    Long Jump M30+ Pent

                    Discus Men - Southern Cage

                    Javelin Women - Northern End

 8.10am      2000m Run/Walk

                    Pole Vault

 8.20am      Shot Put W30+ Pent

 8.30am      400m

 8.45am      Javelin M30+ Pent - Northern End

 8.50am      60m

 9.00am      Long Jump W30+ Pent

                    Shot Put Men

                    Discus Women - Southern Cage

 9.20am      200m

 9.30am      200m M30+ Pent

                    Javelin W30+ Pent

                    High Jump Northern End

 9.40am      1500m Run/Walk

 9.50am      Discus M30+ Pent Southern Cage

10.00am     100m

                     Javelin Men - Northern End

                     Shot Put Women

10.15am     800m W30+ Pent

10.30am     1500m M30+ Pent


QMA Women's Throws Pentathlon Championships

Entries close at 7.30am


  8.00am      Hammer W30+ Pent Southern Cage

                     3000m Run/Walk 

                     Discus Men - Northern Cage

                     Pole Vault 

 8.30am       Sprint Hurdles

 8.30am       Shot Put W30+ Pent

 8.45am       60m

 9.00am       Discus W30+ Pent - Northern Cage


                      Weight M30+ North Cnr

                      High Jump

 9.10am        300m

 9.30am        Javelin W30+ Pent Southern Cage

                      2km Steeplechase

 9.45am        Long/Triple Jump

 9.55am        100m

10.00am       Weight W30+ Pent North Cnr

                       Hammer Men Southern Cage

10.25am        200m

February 6 - Saturday

Day 1 QMA Decathlon & Heptathlon Championships

 8.00am       100m Decathlon

                     Heavy Weight Throws Pentathlon - Men and Women - North Cnr

                     Pole Vault - All

 8.10am      100m

 8.30am      Hurdles Heptathlon

                     Long Jump Decathlon

 8.45am      60m

 8.55am      High Jump Heptathlon

 9.00am      1500m run/walk

 9.15am      Shot Put Decathlon


 9.30am       Long/Triple Jump

 9.45am       Shot Put Heptathlon

10.00am      High Jump Decathlon


10.30am      200m Heptathlon

11.00am      400m Decathlon



February 7 - Sunday 2021

Day 2 QMA Decathlon & Heptathlon Championships


 8.00am      Hurdles Decathlon

 8.15am      Long Jump Heptathlon


 8.30am      Discus Decathlon Northern Cage


 9.00am      Javelin Heptathlon Southern End


 9.15am      Pole Vault Decathlon

                    High Jump

 9.45am      800m Heptathlon

10.00am     300m

10.30am     Javelin Decathlon Southern End

                    1500m Run/Walk

11.15am     1500m Decathlon

February 20

Tom Gould 300m Handicap - All

Bernie Hogan 100m Handicap - All

Ted Vickers Javelin Handicap - Men

Ruth Frith Javelin Handicap - Women

 8.00am      Javelin Handicap W30+ Northern End

                    3000m run/walk

                    Pole Vault - All

                    Hammer Men Southern Cage

 8.30am      Long Hurdles

 8.45am      300m Handicap Heats

 9.00am      Javelin Handicap M30+ Northern End


                    Shot Put Women

 9.20am     100m Handicap Finals

 9.30am     Long/Triple Jump

 9.40am     800m

10.00am    200m

                    High Jump

                    Shot Put Men

                    Hammer Women Southern Cage

10.25am    300m Handicap Finals

February 24 Wednesday 

 7.00pm     200m

                    Shot Put - All

 7.15pm     High Jump - All

 7.20pm     100m

 7.35pm     800m

 7.45pm     Discus - All

 7.50pm     60m

 8.00pm     Long/Triple Jump

 8.05pm     400m

 8.20pm     3000m run/walk

N.B. Date for QMA Track & Field Championships to be advised

QMA Brisbane Roster

For the coming track season, long time member Judy Cooper will be looking after the volunteer rosters for Brisbane competitions. 

She will contact members from the Brisbane membership list about their date to volunteer.

Please respond to Judy with all queries. 


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